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Dear Cary, Tom, and Kevin, What a difference a year makes!

I wanted to write you guys and let you the status of the new Trane HVAC unit you installed last year. I like to be able to come inside from the outdoors and have a cool house as you guys know. I keep my house at pretty constant 70 degrees in the summer time. My wife and daughter usually end up walking around in sweat pants or laying on the couches with blankets over them during the evening because of how cool I keep the house. I had to completely shut all of the vents in the basement because it becomes too cold! The new unit has done a great job keeping the house at a comfortable level.

The other reason I wanted to write is to let you know about my electric bills. As I recall, we finished up the installation of the new Trane unit around mid July. My bills from June and July 2011, were $181 and $192. This year my electric bills were $146 and $149 for the same months. All I have been hearing on the news is how we experienced the hottest July in the history of record keeping. Well, my house was as cool as a cucumber and I was able to drop my electric bill!

I just thought I would share my experience with you and let you know what a great job was done last year and it continues this year. Please feel free to share this with prospective clients as a testimonial to the great consultation and installation work Burrier has provided.

PS -We absolutely love the Trane ComfortLink II touch screen thermostat. Easiest one we have ever used.

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