Hybrid Systems

Trane CleanEffects™
The most effective way to remove airborne allergens.

While dry air can aggravate allergies and asthma, airborne particles may cause problems as well.  A critical part of Trane Air, our exclusive TRANE CleanEffects system removes up to 99.8% of airborne allergens from all the air that is heated or cooled - making it 100 times more effective than a standard 1" filter.  It is the most technologically advanced air filtration system available.

Humidifier ByPass

Trane Matched Systems

Trane Humidifier Family

Trane Matched Systems:  Take comfort to the next level.

When you choose a TraneTotal Home Humidifier, you'll enjoy consistent comfort by putting an end to dry air.  But you can maximize your central heating and cooling performance even further by creating a Trane "matched system".  A matched system includes multiple Trane components, each designed to work together seamlessly to enhance overall performance and ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.  There is simply no better way to create a more comfortable climate for you and your family.

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